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“Acting as Entrepreneurs"

Whether you are a small company or a major corporation, one thing unites businesses across the board: And that is the need for professional advice to guide, shape, and grow businesses on all levels

IKAR Global Advise


When we created IKAR Global Advise, our goal was crystal clear: Challenge the status quo and shake things up. From the beginning, we didn’t set out to establish just another advisory company which provides the same tools as everyone else. Instead, we’re bringing an unconventional methodology, an eye for innovation, and a practical mindset into this arena which has proven to be wildly successful.



We strive for excellence in everything we do, which naturally places us ahead of the pack. First and foremost, we bring decades of experience as successful entrepreneurs to the table. These successes have been forged through blood, sweat, and tears, giving us the distinct understanding of what it means to transform challenges into achievements, expand business, and protect assets. Our society is founded upon strong leadership skills, out-of-the-box approaches, and a fundamental belief in the power of global networking and extraordinary connections.



In today’s business, we are no longer limited by the boundaries of region. Local, regional, and international players are now competing equally because our world is global. We have assembled an elite team from multi-national backgrounds, diverse cultures, and strong global perspectives in order to understand the needs of each of our clients and provide strategic advice.

From the western world to emerging markets, we are involved in every major industry. We strike the perfect balance between maintaining a strong pulse in local markets and regional players, while not losing sight of a global perspective.

Straight to the Point

Our focus is to help our clients expand, scale, and generate new business and increase value, revenue, and profits across the board. Our methods to achieve this are unconventional but have proven to be highly effective. We don’t waste time with fancy power point presentations, market researchers, or belabored meeting filled with useless rhetoric. We are straight to the point and make it our aim to swiftly problem solve and create solutions and connections that will have an immediate effect on business.


Whether our clients want to reach new markets, increase sales, look for strategic partners, gain business intelligence, understand different business cultures, or bring on a skilled moderator, we are there. That’s where we are strong, where we are straight to the point. We are strategic, efficient, and ready to share our entrepreneurial understanding, knowledge, experience, and extraordinary global network with each of our clients.



It took us decades to establish our unique and powerful network, which spans around the globe. This network includes the industry captains, the CEOs, the government leaders, the artists, the sports stars, the media icons, the successful entrepreneurs. We know them and they know us. This unparalleled access to global leaders and decision makers is the key to helping our clients to becomes game changers in their business.



"Elevating Industries to the Next Level"


IKAR Industries is the operational Holding of the group and the various IKAR partially or wholly owned companies. Accordingly, the sought-after extraordinary valuation multiples shall be derived from direct administrative and operational responsibilities in line with IKAR’s corporate culture, investment thesis, and future development strategy.

IKAR Industries is utilizing its decades of entrepreneurial experiences, industry know-how and its global network on the management level and is doing either direct investments or in co-operation with co-investors.

IKAR Industries has chosen promising sectors to invest and operate within in the upcoming years and laid already the structure for operational performance.

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